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Boots for the Glory of Russia

System: LARP
Deltagare: 9 spelare


✏️Steve Hatherley
ArrangörNathan Hook


A three hour UK freeform larp for nine players, taking a light-hearted look at the politics of revolution. This larp was first run in the UK at Fallcon 2000. The language of the game Will be English.

The game is set in Russia in 1917.
Despite the overthrow of the autocratic Tsarist regime and the creation of the Provisional Government Russia is still largely ruled by a Class of nobility, with a rising Class of Bourgeois and capitalists beginning to gain power. The industrial and shop workers or proletariat come next, and below them at the bottom of the whole pile come the peasants. Class relations are simple, everyone hates the classes below them, and everyone looks up to the classes above them.
The game is set at a meeting of the Executive Committee of the Danilov Boot Factory. Since the February Revolution a new system has been introduced by which workers and management gather at monthly Board meetings to discuss issues arising.
The Boot factory is one of the largest employers in St. Petersburg, which with Moscow is one of the capitals of Russia. The decisions of the Committee and any political act here will have repercussions which will effect the whole of Russia; a strike or coup here will set off a chain of events which will change the government and alter the history of the nation, and probably Europe. The meeting is therefore incredibly tense — everyone knows they are playing for very high stakes, and that the fate of Mother Russia lies on their shoulders...
Players should dress In any way they feel appropriate. Fake vodka, boots and potatoes are entirely appropriate props. This larp will be followed by a short debrief session.

Spelat på

Fallcon (2000)
LinCon (2007)

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