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The Story of Tonight

Omslag till The Story of Tonight

System: LARP
Deltagare: 60-80 spelare


ArrangörThomas Mertz (Director and Project Lead)
ArrangörLiv Lykke Schubert (Safety and Player Care)
ArrangörLiv Hernø-Toftild (Workshop and Cultural History)


Given our current political climate and the general feeling of despair, we think it’s important to somehow remember that direct action is possible.

But it’s also important for us to remember that doing the right thing bears a price.

With an offset in lived and experienced Danish history we will create an alternative reality, where you, the player, will live life under foreign occupation.

The Story of Tonight means to explore this.

The Story of Tonight will tell the story of Any Street in a European city during a hostile foreign occupation. The players will portray the citizens and the life under occupation.

The game is split into three acts, each taking place one year apart, on the same evening. The players will live through the occupation of their city and live through the changes that follow.

While The Story of Tonight is not an action oriented game, it is a consequence aware game, and the choices players make will have very real impact on how the story unfolds.


Greater Copenhagen area, Danmark: Fall 2021


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