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Pendragon (GothCon 1994)

System: Pendragon
Deltagare: 1 SL, 4 spelare


ArrangörMagnus Olofsson


And then they dressed their shields and spears, and came together with all the might of their horses; and they met so fiercly that both their horses and knights fell to the earth, and, as fast as they might, avoided their horses, and put their shields afore them; and they struck together with bright swords, as men were of might, and either wounded other wonderly sore, that the blood ran upon the grass. And thus they faught for the space of four hours,
that never one would speak to other one word, and of their harness they had hewn off many pieces.

Bli riddare i Arthurs Britannien! Duellera med riddarna av det Runda Bordet, rädda jungfrur i nöd, jaga drakar och ägna dig åt andra ridderliga aktiviteter.

Spelat på

GothCon XVIII (1994)

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