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Gathox vertical slum: Quake Alley Mayhem

System: White Box
Deltagare: 1 SL, 5 spelare


OrganizerTobias Tarnvik-Laesker


The Purple Rockets leader, McGrackle the Dissembler, has tasked his newest cadets with the retrieval of the gang’s most sacred artifact, Vaclav’s Holy Driver. The Driver currently resides in a safe house of a one-eyed alien gang known as the Kermen. The Kermen absconded with the device during a late-night raid on the Purple Rockets’ home base, a nightclub- cum-flophouse called Dirty Purple Rain Dancing. Now McGrackle wants to retrieve the Holy Driver and teach the Kermen a hard lesson about messing with his gang.

Forward surveillance has revealed the whereabouts of the Kermen safehouse in question, an inverted tower called The Grist Mill, located at the end of The Alley of Shaky Babies.This area is considered to be the most unstable part of the city, prone to constant and predictable earthquakes due to Gathox’s indigestion. Earthquakes occur every 20 minutes on the nose, with the quakes becoming more aggressive the longer non-Kermen individuals remain in the area.McGrackle the Dissembler advises the team extreme caution in regards to this phenomenon.

OBS! Detta scanerio kommer att köras med Tournament regler, det kommer vara ganska dödligt och det kommer vara poängsättning på spelarnas val och den som samlat på sig flest poäng i slutet av scenariot vinner äran samt ett litet hemligt pris.

Spelat på

KryptCon III (2020)

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