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Four Fates

Omslag till Four Fates

Deltagare: 1 SL, 4 spelare


✏️Tobias Wrigstad

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Zip Scenario [svenska] (25 MB)


A small boy is standing at a metaphorical crossroads joining four roads, each road representing his fate would he venture down it. The boy's fate would he venture down a certain road is played for each road, and the boy is then given his choice. There are many degrees of freedom, even though the different fates are outlined in the game.

The game takes place in a skewed version of Sweden in the 70s. Any fairy tale elements or oddities in the game are to be treated as perfectly natural by the characters. Many of the events, places and persons in the game are disguised metaphors. Thus, contrasts will be sharp, things taken to extremes and many things loaded with symbolic values. This is valuable input to your imagination to be used however you like.

Duration: 2-4 evenings
Capsule definition: Bad omens, fantasy, main player pattern, allegoric play, weird.

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Ropecon (2006)

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