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The Ball of Prince Nell

System: LARP
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Komedie
Deltagare: 1 SL, 6-8 spelare


✏️Bjørn-Morten Vang Gundersen


There was this buzzing in the air.
Everyone was waiting for Prince Nell to announce whom his heart belonged to, but just before his words were uttered a purple lightning shook The Keep, and The Dark One stood right in the center of the dance floor. She wore black, as a widow should, and she proclaimed her wrath to all in the room. She moved her hands in wide circles and sparks of purple and green started veiling all of them.

'You're time is up, dear Prince of Dance.
You've loved, you've lost, but here's your chance
The night is young, forever mine
Will you break my curse in time?
Dance, puppets, DANCE!'

- - - - - - -

This is a LARP that will use dancing as a mechanic. No, you don't need to know any dances, we will help each other learn basic steps in the workshop-stage.
There will be no shaming of others' dancing - It will be a safe place to use dancing as a playful element in a LARP.
(Of course, rhythm helps.)

The scenario will have pre-written roles.
The scenario's intention is to use dance as part of the characters' progression.
The scenario has a narrative that will challenge each character's dilemma.
The scenario will require you to step into the spotlight and let others watch you dance.

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ESFROAG (2019)

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