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The Merchant

System: Stormbringer
Deltagare: 6 spelare


✏️Esteban Manchado Velazquez


This is a scenario that serves as an introduction to the Dark Fantasy world of Elric and Stormbringer. In it, the protagonists are immigrants from Vilmir trying to make a living in the Isle of Purple Towns. One day they meet a mysterious merchant that escapes from a group of mercenaries that try to kill him. The merchant, desperate, offers the protagonists good money to hunt the mercenaries down and bring back some pendants they stole from the merchant.

This scenario is written for two to four players, but it could accommodate up to two more if needed. Ideally, the players would be more interested in character interaction and drama than in rules.

GMs looking to run this scenario should ideally be familiar with Elric's world for better atmosphere, but a very short intro to it is provided. The stats are all percentile-based so no special rule knowledge is needed.

NB: This scenario is written in English and will be narrated in English. The rules used will be a variant of Chaosium's Basic Role-Playing rules.

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ARCON 31: Superhelter og superskurker (2015)

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