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Tale of The Little Red Troubleshooting-Hood

System: Paranoia
Genre: Komedie, Sci-Fi


✏️Dennis Gadgaard


"Once upon a timecycle there lived in a pretty complex, on the borders of **deleted for security reasons**, a high programmer and his friend The Computer who had one little Troubleshooter Team, a sweet group of clones, and favorites with every one. They were the joy of The Computer's auxilliary subprocessors, and to please them (as well as readily recognize them), the good Computer made them little scarlet cloaks and hoods, in which they looked so pretty, that everybody called them Little Red Troubleshooting-Hoods.

One day The Computer told them it meant to send them to Gran-B-MAA - a very influential clone who lived in the heart of WUD sector - to take him some brand new experimental equipment… The Little Red Troubleshooting-Hoods were delighted at being sent on this errand, for they liked to do important things, and it was such a very long time since they had last done some serious troubleshooting, that they had almost forgotten what it was like getting shot at."

Spelat på

Con Dôme (1999)
Con Dôme (2005)

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