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Omslag till Fyllo

(aka: Drunk)

Deltagare: Inga SL, 3 spelare


✏️Tobias Wrigstad

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Zip Scenario [svenska] (3,8 MB)
Zip Scenario [engelska] (3,8 MB)


Alcoholism – Decline – Family

Drunk is a game based on the book Systemet (“the system”, the diminutive for the Swedish liquor monopoly) by Bosse Gustavsson. A very thin little book written in second person to explore alcoholism from within.

Drunk follows the decline of a father and husband in the form of flashbacks during an intoxicated suicide. The drunk, you, has decided that the best gift he can give his wife and child is to stay out of their lives forever, and the recipe for this is suicide by bottle.

In Drunk, players switch character. Everyone will play the husband, the wife, the child. Players’ agendas – responsibilities for getting a certain message though in the story told — with migrate through the characters and influence their behaviour. Characters’ agendas are mutated by the players’ agendas leading to interesting shifts in behaviour under different combinations.

A bottle mechanic allow you to control how quickly the game ends, measured in centilitres. The husband will not die until the bottle is empty. And he will die.

The game includes a liquor bottle filled with water, and if the players want to they can add a splash of alcohol-tasting extract or something alcoholic in it for the taste. As a player-group you can select what you want to have in the bottle.

Tobias Wrigstad is part of the Swedish freeform and larp scene and have been so for the last 20 years. He is one of the founders of the roleplay-collective “Vi åker jeep” and enjoys to write emotional scenarios and push boundaries.

Spelat på

Stockholm Scenario Festival (2015)


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