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The Day Before Yesterday

Deltagare: 4 spelare


✏️Kajsa Greger


Retrospective – Pictures – Storytelling

The idea of this scenario is to explore life stories and take some pressure off the art of living. Even though our lives are not perfect they can still make a good story. The scenario takes place outside of life, where a group of friends meet and share memories.

Each memory is created by the players from inspirational pictures, and played out as a scene. The memory scenes begin in stillness with players’ eyes closed. The first thing that happens is that each player describes something about the setting of the scene, for instance scent, scenery, sounds or temperature. This procedure emphasizes that all players are responsible for the content of the story.

The space between the memories will function as a sort of check point, where the characters discuss what part each event has played in their life. They might not agree, and they might come to terrible conclusions, or no conclusions at all, and the stories they end up telling might be different from what they had in mind. But the rule in the scenario is that each story must be told to the end. Whether meaningful or wasted, all the days in each of these characters’ lives make up a story, and the story will be told.

Spelat på

Stockholm Scenario Festival (2013)

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