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The Masquerade Job

System: Dusk City Outlaws
Genre: Action, Fantasy
Deltagare: 1 SL, 2-6 spelare


✏️Emil Damgaard Sørensen


Welcome to New Dunhaven

When is a city actually two cities? When it is New Dunhaven, the Dusk City. The sprawling metropolis might seem like a single ever-growing urban area, but two cities occupy the space: the city inhabited by the law-abiding citizens of New Dunhaven, and the shadowy world of the criminal cartels that exists just under the surface of lawful society.

New Dunhaven’s size and the density of its population sustain thousands of stories taking place all at once. We see these same stories in our own world: careers on the rise, tragic falls from grace, political and religious strife, and fortunes being won and lost, all touching the lives of individuals and groups every moment of the day.

That’s more than enough to occupy the everyday lives of law-abiding citizens. But beyond the mundane news of the day, just out of sight and hidden by a veil of deception and cunning, lies a vast criminal underworld. This world within the world, this city within the city, consists of the Right Kind of People—those who blithely break the law for power and profit.

Some of these criminals claim that the world of the law-abiding citizens of New Dunhaven presents a false image, a mask pulled over the seedy face of crime. Considerable evidence supports their view: Many seemingly legitimate businesses serve as façades for cartel operations, and numerous supposedly upstanding citizens are actually agents of the cartels, living seemingly innocent public lives but secretly engaging in criminal deeds.

The eight cartels that abide by the Arrangement form the backbone of this secret world’s population. Where the law divides the city into districts, the cartels divide the city into claimed turf. Where law-abiding people depend on the Crown to watch over them, the Right Kind of People turn to the Black Council and its agents. Where the lawful look over their shoulders for criminals, criminals constantly keep their eyes open for signs of the Blooded or the City Watch. Almost everything in the law-abiding world has a reflection in the criminal underworld, with the cartels at its center.


In the game you will be playing in renaissance venice (but with magic), doing a heist with your fellow players. Will you be able to get the score or will you be jailed in the process.

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ESFROAG (2018)

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