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No Thing to Fear

Deltagare: 1 SL, 2 spelare


✏️Brand Robins
✏️Moyra Turkington


100 years ago, there was no rain. The locusts came, the sun beat down and baked the earth, the grass dried and blew away, and the rivers turned to dirt. There was famine, there was plague, there were fires and everything. Not many survived. One remains who did: Very Old Tortoise. Silent, old, unchanging, and unchangeable – she remains.

1 week ago, there was too much rain. The waters rose and drowned the land, mud swallowed whole herds, and everything was washed away. There is famine, there are roving bands of crazed hyenas, there are humans who come and steal families away. There is one who has survived even though his whole family is lost: Pygmy Hippo. Lost, aching, but with his heart still breathing – he remains.

Once upon a time here was the sound of wings; someone, hearing that sound, thought "make me a bird, that I might fly far, far away from here."; In that moment Eternal Egret was born. Or maybe that’s just when Eternal Egret says they were born. Either way, Eternal Egret is always there, in the moments between: when your life is lost but hope is not quite gone, when you have survived the flood but do not know what can come next. Some say Eternal Egret is a guide, some say a psychopomp, and many say that Eternal Egret is a trap for fools who hope too much.

Now the three have been thrown together by disaster, and must travel to the Green Land. There Very Old Tortoise may find her heart, there Pygmy Hippo may find his family, or at least so Eternal Egret tells them. But to do it they will have to overcome many things: the barking things that stalk the night, the raging waters and barren lands, and their own fears and failings.

Eternal Egret tells them without hesitation that they will all make it. And when they get there... Well, all will be well. Certainly, the magical Green Land and the end of your journey is no thing to fear.

No Thing to Fear is a structured scenario about three friends, who happen to be animals, and their flight from devastation towards a promised land where they will find those they love, and reclaim that which they have lost. It is a lovely game with talking animals. It is not a trap.

Spelat på

Fastaval - Otto i Eventyrland (2018)


Fastaval - Otto i Eventyrland (2018)

Nominerad, Bedste Roller
Dejlige, stemningsfulde dyr, der står i hver deres ekstremer, og som er med til at forstærke scenariets stemning og genre. Rollerne er, selv om de er tegnefilmsfigurer, rørende og virkningsfulde på den der genkendelige Pixar-måde.

The lovely animals brimming with character, each to their own extreme, support the scenarios atmosphere and genre. Even though they are cartoon characters, they are touching and effective, each in their own way.
Nominerad, Bedste Fortælling
Dyrenes rejse fra sorgen mod noget nyt, hvor de lægger det gamle bag sig, er rørende og livsbekræftende. I den underliggende bittersødme vender de tilbage til livet - eller accepterer døden. Spillerne skaber selv fortællingen gennem scenesætning på den helt rigtige måde.

The animals journey from grief toward something new, where they put the old behind, is both touching and life affirming at the same time. In the underlying bittersweetness, they either return to life, or accept death. The participants create the story themselves through a tight story frame.
Nominerad, Juryens Specialpris
Nomineres for det uforudsigelige og overraskende twist med spillederrollen Eternal Egret, der måske forlader scenariet undervejs, så spillerne skal køre scenariet videre alene. Snydestorken slår til igen!

Is nominated for the unpredictable and surprising twist with the gamemaster role “Eternal Egret,” that might leave the scenario along the way, such that the remaining participants have to finish the scenario on their own.

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