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First They Came

(aka: Prima Vennero)

Deltagare: 3 spelare

Arrangerat av

Chaos League


✏️Alessandro Giovannucci
✏️Andrea Giovannucci


Berlin, 1939. As suspicion and whistle-blowing become chillingly common and the Third Reich reaches the height of its power in a delirium of blood and steel, the SS comb the streets of working-class neighbourhoods, looking for the last remnants of those deemed undesirable by the regime. During the coldest winter in human history, three people cower at the barking of bloodhounds and the shrill sound of whistles spurring them on, as they huddle together in a building in the squalid outskirts of the city. They know they must hide lest this be their end. Will they manage to survive? Will they redeem their sins? At what cost?

The scenario tells the story of three people, deemed undesirable by the Nazi regime for different reasons. Since they live in the same building, though each on their own, they know each other by sight, but they ignored each other’s status as runaways – until they find each other together, cowering in the attic during an SS raid. The game is set during the raid, the entire scenario lives in an intimate dimension, centered on whispers, memories of the pain and hopes of survival. We will play in an entirely dark room, so voices and sounds will be very important for the experience.

Spelat på

Stockholm Scenario Festival (2017)
Knudepunkt (2019)


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