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System: Systemløst
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Deltagare: 1 SL, 4-6 spelare


✏️Gitte Søe-Larsen


There was this odd, creeping sense. Like something was stirring. It was setting the whole community of Bellrock on edge. Some pushed it aside, deciding for themselves that this was just work, family or the weather causing them to feel irritated and somehow… saddened.

Not all could push this feeling aside with the same assured sense of control. Kathy was one of those. Like a twig threatening to burst into flame she spent sleepless night consumed with fear of what was happening. Her entire body was buzzing but she had no idea why or what to do about it.

Bellrock was just a small town of little importance to the world. 50.000 inhabitants strewn around the lit up city that almost seemed to huddle up against the wood dressed mountainside where the stream of Canopeia River ran down to the more flattened land below. Bellrock had what towns of its size needed yet something in Kathys mind told her that something was oddly amiss. When she woke up on her bed in the light of her mobile she felt queasy and when she got up to find herself a drink the water itself tasted like danger.

She might had been able to unwind herself again was it not for the dark figure she so often saw standing around corners or across streets, watching her. It was as if those piercing eyes told her a message, A message she was not yet ready to understand but that she knew she had to before it was too late. The wind itself was speaking with voices of old and from a well of unknown clarity Kathy set out to contact those that like herself was burdened beyond measures with the trembling of the earth. Little did she know that others were fighting another battle – one that would mean her demise.

*Meet me… in the small clearing in Kensfield woods at midnight Friday. It is a matter of great importance and I think.. No I know that you can help. I plead of you to come. I have to tell you a secret. A secret very few know but we all sense.
Kathy Greenlow*

That was the note they all had... Now the fate seemed to have steered them to a path unknown

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ESFROAG (2016)

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