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Point of View


Imagine a room. Almost pitch black, you can barely see the walls in the thick, almost solid, dark. On the floor the dust is laying so thick, that should you place your foot in it, you would sink down to your ankle. “Did you see it?” “No!!” “Then try ones more, there see… In the ceiling a simple light bulb is desperately trying to penetrate and hold back the darkness, the all-consuming darkness. Beneath it, a chair, free from dust and web. Oh, did I say web that’s because it’s full of it, all the years of frantic activity from the desperate hungry spiders, searching for little scraps of food has filled the room with it. Ooh you missed something, did you not? There on the chair a little girl is sitting, dressed in her ballet dress. Was she here before or did you miss her? Now that is “A Simple Point of View.” OH MY, do listen, she is singing so beautifully. The girl turns her head, as if she heard something, starring out in the dark with her empty eye sockets. The blood is pouring down her cheeks, but she is smiling, a nice warm smile: “ Hey there, my father ones said, that only the insane have the strength to prosper and only the ones that prosper can truly judge what is sane. Hi hi. Bye, bye stranger.” And like that she is gone…

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Chop Con - The Evolution (2001)

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