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✏️Bjørn Porup Thomasen


2nd World War scenario

Monday, September 17th, 1944: Guards pured warm coffee over the cold and dismembered body of one of our guys, recently been released from the torture chamber, the camp lieutenant and SS magistrate who loves to cut off his victims fingers one by one and making the prisoner eat them. War is truly hell and we are all drifting into limbo.

Thursday, October 2nd, 1944: The tunnel is finally complete. Hurt was the first one who took a breath of fresh air but the experience was as real for any of us, having spent the last many nights underground. No one smiled, no one laughed or raised their arms to rejoice. All I could see was the anxious looks, we were still a long way from home, and trapped in Nazi Germany. God must be laughing, and has turned his grace away from us.

Saturday, October, 4th, 1944: We have told a few others about the tunnel, and people are getting scared and nervous. Some want to go now, but we still need to organize the others, and all it takes is one person to spill the secret. God, if you really are there, get us all home and away from this fiendish nightmare.

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RusCon 23 (2015)

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