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Sweet Alice

System: D20 / D6
Genre: Sci-Fi


✏️Peter Thestrup


Slowly, the creature crouched in the darkness, leaning its large head against the rugged bulkhead; it felt the humans closing in, felt their presence echo through the steel fabric of their vessel. Born to these lower beings, infested with their very flesh, the human influence on this otherwise perfectly designed creature, clouded its genetically inherited instincts.

It almost felt pitty on these humans.

Almost, but not quite... Soon, these humans themselves would be vessels for another brethren.

The creature slowly worked its way around the small enclosure, as it had done countless times before, feeling each conture of the surrounding bulkheads, taking it all in again, patiently waiting for the queen to speak her will through the steel-structure of the human vessel.

As much as it loathed these humans, it was somewhat puzzled. Why they deliberately chose to ignore their instincts was a mystery to it.

Nevermind; they would all soon be vessels for more of its brethren.

Whether they voluntarely impregnated each other with our seed of life, or as the inevitable consequence of their fate as lowest ranking creature in the food-chain at hand, was of no matter.

All around it, creatures like itself, trapped in countless enclosures, where becomming more and more restless; they all felt a well known urge building up inside.

Soon, another human settlement would be feasted upon...

Spelat på

Viking-Con 23 (2004)
Con Dôme (2005)

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