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The Drow Ball

System: Labyrinth Lord
Deltagare: 30 spelare

Arrangerat av



Amazing Consequences (2007), Naish Holiday Village, Christchurch, Dorset, Storbritannien

ArrangörOscar Clark
ArrangörJohn Gathercole


The Drow Ball

For thousands of years the Council of Evermeer has ruled our continent of Eldaria with wisdom and authority. With the guidance and blessing of the Allfather, our spiritual father and immortal patron, Eldarian influence has spread to the betterment of all of the peoples in the known world. But as the Allfather himself has said, "As surely as the leaves grow so too must they fall in time..."

The once uncivilised rabble of disparate and feuding tribes has united under an Alliance of Free Nations into an alliance of nation states, baronies, and fiefdoms. However this is not as united as they would have us believe and the growing power and influence of the trade guilds may yet dominate the political agenda.

For the first time since the Sundering of the Council, does the prospect of a great and bloody conflict cast a shadow over the peace and prosperity of our lands but hope, it seems, is offered from the unlikeliest or sources. Fate it seems is not without a sense of irony.

The Naith'al'Rak, the "Outcasts from the Light", or the "Drow" as Man calls them, have issued an invitation to the Council of Evermeer as well as the upstart and younger nations. Surprisingly, the Allfather has decreed that the Council will accept and so we obey.

May the Allfather guide us and show us the path, now and forever.

Astarius of Evermeer, Scribe of the Fourth Order, House Temora

The Drow Ball will explore politics, bigotry and overcoming historical violence; using the context of the fantasy genre to avoid the potential personal feelings that those subjects might raise if set in the real world. Indeed, the Fantasy Genre allows us to make sure that this will be a lot of fun at the same time. Oh! and don't let costume put you off, its something which will add to the fun but not mandatory - we'll try to provide some help for those that want it too.

Players should inform the referees if they have any issues that may affect their enjoyment of the game, such as sensitivity to flashing lights.

Check out for more details some history of this fantasy world and a complete character listing. We will also provide hints tips and guidelines and if you want you can ask us questions as well.

N.B. We are holding back 10 places for people to sign-up on the day at the venue.

Spelat på

Amazing Consequences (2007)

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