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Operation Three Crowns

System: TORG Eternity
Deltagare: 1 SL, 2-5 spelare


ArrangörDarth Mauno


Later today, early tomorrow, sometime next week, the world began to end. They came from other realities, raiders joined together to steal the awesome energy of Earth's possibilities. In their wake, they transformed various corners of the Earth into someplace else, beachheads of their own, foreign cosms. Dinosaurs and lizardmen roam both coasts of the United States, Egypt is ruled by a 30s-era supervillain, and Gothic horrors stalk the Indian peninsula. In the Northern Europe, the modern societies of the Nordic countries and the British Isles were swept away almost overnight by the fantastical realm of Aysle. Now, three months later, dragons soar in the northern skies, and trolls haunt the forests beneath them.

Prince Erik, the heir to Swedish throne, has been missing ever since the assault began. But now the Delphi Council has received a tip about his location and is staging a daring rescue operation. Can your stalwart band of Storm Knights rescue the prince from the clutches of bloodthirsty vikings?

(Peli voidaan vetää myös suomeksi, mikäli kaikki osallistuvat pelaajat niin haluavat.)

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Ropecon (2018)

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