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Corpse Astray

System: Gumshoe Swords of the Serpentine
Deltagare: 1 SL, 3-5 spelare


OrCCon (2022), Hilton, Los Angeles Airport, CA, USA

ArrangörStephanie Bryant

Continuum (2022), John Foster Hall at the University of Leicester. Oadby, Leicester, Storbritannien

ArrangörMartin Pickett


Corpse Astray is the introductory adventure from the Swords of the Serpentine rulebook.

Pirates on the high seas, corpse-takers on the streets and monstrosities in the basements. Something is happening to the dead of Eversink, and undoubtedly foul sorcery and nefarious plots lie behind it. Is it the Ancient Nobility, moldering in lofty Alderhall, desperate to hold onto what status and influence they can? Or the Commoners, eager to throw off the yoke of centuries of oppression? Or even, Holy Denari forbid, the Sorcerous Cabals, oozing their fetid Corruption out to burn away Denari’s Blessing on the city?

Into this tangle of vanity and greed strides a group of heroes, larger than life and bolder than brass, with gleaming muscles and cunning minds. Surely no evil plan can triumph over the likes of these?

Welcome to the greatest city in the world. Welcome to the home of the goddess Denari, to the Sinking City. Welcome to Eversink.

Spelat på

OrCCon (2022)
Continuum (2022)

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