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City of Light

System: LARP


✏️Suzanne Miller
✏️Moira Parham
✏️Jeannie C. Whited
👍Colby Perkins (Thanks)


"She had been warned not to take the shortcut through the sewers. Rumors of a Nosferatu elder were whispered throughout the city, and she had heard that a Gangrel had disappeared in this neighborhood just last week. But Gangrel were always disappearing, and besides she felt safer here than in the streets, where small battles, visible only to those who knew how to look, waged in greater number every day between the forces of the two princes.

No, the sewers were safer, she was sure.

Two dim red slits followed her quiet movement, waiting for the right moment to appease an ancient hunger..."

Paris! Long called the City of Light for her beautiful nocturnal illumination. The river Seine flows through the heart of the ancient city. The Left Bank harbors a bohemian lifestyle, while the Right is more known for its sophistication. The city holds the jewels of the world: the Mona Lisa in the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Napoleon's Tomb.

But even Paris has a darker side. Any casual tourist may visit the catacombs to see the city's dead. Or take a tour of the world-famound sewers. Perhaps they exchanged money at the Credit Lyonnais, which launders the Mafia's money even as the government bails it out again.

But all this is for the day. As the city lights try to chase the shadows away, another world emerges from its slumber. A world that looks to humanity not for inspiration, but for sustenance and for power. The vampires. As Paris is split by the day, so she is by night. On each bank rules a different Prince, vying for total control while maintaining a friendly mask. Both have lost subjects to unknown hands in the past weeks. And while they worry about the influx of Russian immigrants, they praise their foresight in banishing the lunatic Malkavian clan from the city. Like all Parisians, they are swept up in the fever caused by the reappearance of old masterpieces, once thought forever lost.

And so one more night passes.

City of Light is an intricately plotted, full-weekend theatre-style game rooted in real-world events and loosely uses White Wolf's World of Darkness. Some short characters for Saturday morning, afternoon, or all day Saturday are available.

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Intercon XIV (1999)

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