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Tavern at the Crossroads: Bandit Edition

System: LARP
Deltagare: 5-20 spelare

Arrangerat av

Kaurath 2.0: a whole new world


✏️Emily Feavearear
✏️Antonio Sodaro
✏️Stephen Tihor

Intercon U: Ultraviolet (2023), Crowne Plaza, Warwick, Rhode Island, USA

ArrangörStephen Tihor


A group of masked individuals meet in a Tavern where the roads cross, where heros and bandits chat and deal, where merchants meet to trade and make deals with each other and visitors from beyond. And drink. It's a bar. People sit. They drink. Play games. Sometimes there is a fight. Its the social media of High Fantasy worlds.


You will talk to people, make deals, trade stuff. You'll probably share a drink and possibly fight a duel or cast some spells, like one does. It's not the fate of the world in the balance but you may resolve a personal problem and, sometimes, small events may have larger consequences.



From a mixed team of Theater Style and Boffer Combat LARP writers comes a civilized moment of peaceful scheming and violent goodness.

*****. NOTE with the spread of Omicron the team is planning to minimize actual combat during this game to reduce risk. We also are moving to a masked game even if the CON does not. If this is a problem please switch to another game we will be glad to see you next time or in the on line version. .*****

It’s a High Fantasy world and we represent swords with LARP safe soft swords and lightest touch. Ranged attacks are tracked with packets. Set on the edge of the Kaurath Campaign game using simple Accelerant-based rules.

No prior knowledge of Kaurath is required, the game mixes prebuilt, campaign, and new characters and opens a door to new possibilities.

Those new to Kaurath will be provided with characters from races and cultures with which campaign players are not familiar, or from parts of the game world where adventurers rarely go to ensure no knowledge disparity; prewritten character abilities and ranks will be balanced against all other characters including any campaign players.

No prior knowledge of the Accelerant boffer combat rules system is required, but it can help. Let us know during casting so we can select a suitabe character. We will review core Accelerant calls and rules which may come up during play. We expect combat to be the occasional duel or similar resolution of an argument by physical or magical means but we try to give players a lot of agency.

As part of casting we will poll you on your prior knowledge and provide pre-event and start of event training and resources as appropropriate. For example we plan to offer a combat review earlier during Intercon for those wishing it and a brief combat and safety review is normal for the first 15 minutes of the event.

Spelat på

Intercon U: Ultraviolet (2023)

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