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Time and Tides: Unamerican

Omslag till Time and Tides: Unamerican

System: Call of Cthulhu
Deltagare: 1 SL, 4 spelare


✏️Scott Dorward


The Shoreman family is living the American Dream. The couple has a small house in a new suburban area, and Alan Shorman has a well-paid job for the local aerospace industry. They feel like
they belong here and have cultivated good their good relations with their neighbors.

All this is based on lies. When their dark family secrets are pulled out into the light, every one of the people involved has to fight hard, so their very own American Dream doesn't turn into a nightmare.

This scenario by Cthulhu author and podcaster Scott Dorward is based on Lovecraft's Innsmouth mythos. While it's not necessary that every player know the story, it does make for a deeper enjoyment of the game. The scenario is heavy on roleplay and social interaction. Conflicts between player characters are bound to happen and may be intense.

While "Unamerican" is originally written for the mechanics of the excellent "Hot War" RPG, we will be using the well-known ruleset for Call of Cthulhu instead.

Content Warnings: Violence, racism, machismo, politics, PvP

Spelat på

The Illusion Horror Con 2022 (2022)

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