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End Game. In Rememberance of the Ujat.

System: Vampire: The Masquerade Mymmy


✏️Hanne Benedikte Zehmann Ziegler


It is the Season of Growth. At the end of the Eightteenth dynasty. Ay has assumed the throne, after the death of Akhnaten, Pharao of Upper and Lower Egypt, Son of Amon, Veiled behind Tutankhamon. They whisper in the corners of the Court at Mennopher, Akhetaten has been abandoned and new forces oppose the reign of the late Pharao is his heir and his consort. But the Queen has disappeared, apparantly fallen from grace. And Tutankhamon is too young, ignorant and weak to go against Visir Ay. On the surface this may seem simple, but beneath it lurks the Ka-stealing Beasts of Set, Kindred, relentless in their search of power. And someone from the future who will soon be able to announce the death of the Pharao and his Visir to the Egyptians. If all go as planned, people will soon be able to say "In remembrance of the Ujat, Regeneration and the opposition to Set."

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Con Dôme (1996)
TRoA XI (1996)

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