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Ghostlier Demarcations, Keener Sounds

Omslag till Ghostlier Demarcations, Keener Sounds

System: LARP
Deltagare: 8-14 spelare


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PDF Scenario [engelska] (0,2 MB)


When death is frightening, sudden or leaves something incomplete, your spirit can get stuck in the world of the living, searching for answers. A few are lucky and find them soon enough, but for others, the search goes on and on, becoming over time more like a habit, a repetitive pattern. Some ghosts don’t even know why they still rustle the chains.

The living come across ghosts all the time without knowing it, interrupting the ruminations of the dead, causing invisible upheaval and confusion – and sometimes, by luck, understanding, or careful care, they help them move on.

This larp explores the comforts of recurrence, the seduction of sadness and how simple human bonds can heal the soul.

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Blackbox Cph (2022)

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