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System: LARP

Arrangerat av

Coral Amarelo


✏️Caue Reigota
✏️Tadeu Rodrigues
✏️Vitor Soriano


Styles of Play: Freeform larp, Larp, Committee Larp, Chat/Message, Streaming/Online Face to Face, Performance (ie song, lipsynch, dance etc.)

This is a larp in which sacred entities gather to decide who will take forward in an attempt to resolve a crisis that afflicts humanity. An approaching drought? The rising unemployment? A despotic leader who devastates the nation? The ghost of a war that announces itself? Comfort to a person who has lost a loved one? Regardless of the theme, the operation of the larp is similar: a group of entities that are available at the moment meet and discuss who will intervene in the situation. The first problem is to decide who will do it, as entities sometimes flirt with pride or arrogance, and compete for every opportunity to receive the praise of humans.

Tags: Larp; Umbanda; Religion; Laog

Spelat på

Golden Cobra Challenge (2021)


Golden Cobra Challenge (2021)

Nominerad, Judges' Choice Honorable Mentions
Curimba was nominated for nearly all of the awards, but did not receive any, which makes it a perfect candidate for honorable mention. Umbanda spirits convene to decide on how to help humanity, while also betraying their own fickleness and attractions. Many of the judges learned a lot about this set of beliefs through this game. It is simple, easy-to-pick-up, and full of rich play opportunities.


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