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The Cœuriers


✏️Robbie Boerth

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PDF Scenario [engelska] (0,3 MB)


Styles of Play: Letter Writing, Arts & Crafts

The Cœuriers is a postal game where the envelopes, letters, and packages become the characters with which the players interact. Participants give birth to The Cœuriers by imagining backstory characters who provide the inspirational seeds for missives and parcels. As the game proceeds, The Cœuriers both transform and are transformed by the messages sent by the players to each other.

Tags: letters, packages, empathy

Spelat på

Golden Cobra Challenge (2020)


Golden Cobra Challenge (2020)

Vinnare, Best use of Physical Mail
This is a game that is written to make you fall in love with physical mail. The Coeuriers is a beautifully evocative myth that, since time immemorial, each letter or package sent across the land is a mystical being with its own unique spirit. The game itself is a delightful journey of crafting vivid missives, receiving them, modifying them in a meaningful way, then sending them on again. This game brilliantly overcomes narrative flow and postal delay challenges by tying meaning to each individual missive rather than the interactions between them. If you’ve ever wanted to declare undying love, threaten an invasion, confess profound regret, or do almost anything else and also finally get to go all out with stationary supplies & packaging (optionally), this is your chance. A remarkably sensory shared experience for our time of isolation.


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