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Too Many Mediums

System: LARP


✏️Stephen Dewey


Styles of Play: Freeform larp, Pervasive Game/Public Play

What happens when your seance is overloaded with Mediums? Well, it can get pretty loud, and the ghosts of the beyond usually tend to sound a lot like rowdy game convention attendees. Too Many Mediums is a comedic freeform game meant to be played in a noisy convention hall for four players and, of course, plenty of unwitting audience participation.

Tags: comedy, freeform, convention, seance

Spelat på

Golden Cobra Challenge (2016)


Golden Cobra Challenge (2016)

Nominerad, Honorable Mentions
Four players are all mediums channeling numerous spirits of the dead, and knocking heads with their rivals as frauds. Too Many Mediums is written explicitly to be played in the middle of a bustling gaming convention—everyone not playing represents a spirit moving around in ethereal cacophony. Mediums try to get information from the spirits through harmless interactions without explaining anything. We found this game to be funny, clever, well-characterized, and just mysterious enough to con-goers who get roped in as spirits without being disruptive. This is one pervasive game we can't wait to play! “Power Words” may need to be adjusted depending on the exact convention and location of play.


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