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Too Much Slap on the Ecaf

System: LARP


✏️Countess Dillymore


(Freeform larp)

In 1930s London, queer men encounter each other in public places and find ways to explore their desires. Too Much Slap On The Ecaf is a bittersweet game about sex, intimacy and forgotten queer identities.

Tags: Queer, London, Sex, Love, London

Spelat på

Golden Cobra Challenge (2015)


Golden Cobra Challenge (2015)

Vinnare, Best Incorporation of Perspectives of Unheard or Marginalized People or Groups
In 1952 London, the tearoom trade blossoms. The Countess Dillymore reminds us that we may have “forgotten that these particular queer men existed,” and perhaps we have. Countess Dillymore’s Too Much Slap on the Ecaf is an intimate larp about homosexual men hooking up in 1950s rural England. We saw this game and were immediately hooked by its solid intensity. But what sold us on it for this particular award was the tender and highly subjective portrayal of closeted queer men. Written as a letter from Dillymore to an anonymous audience, the game itself takes the induction into the social life of queerness quite seriously. Each player sets up three scenes laden with all the negotiations and emotions of men having sex with each other in the only places they can. Then the players show intimacy through their characters along negotiated physical boundaries. We see so few games these days with such an earnest, no-nonsense portrayal of the world before Stonewall and Pride.


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