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touch_myelf chatroom

(aka: 🧝‍♂️♥️ touch myelf Chatroom)

System: LARP
Deltagare: 6 spelare


✏️Kristen McFadyen Patten
✏️Alison Joy Schafer

Intercon U: Ultraviolet (2023), Crowne Plaza, Warwick, Rhode Island, USA

ArrangörKristen McFadyen Patten
ArrangörAlison Joy Schafer


Elf yeah! You did it; you finally took that chance and joined the other elf kinksters out there in a special interest chatroom that you were once too ashamed to admit a desire for. You came up with a rad online handle, built up some elf esteem, and began chatting - but keeping your involvement a secret from the rest of the world. By day you were working your job and paying your bills, like everyone else.

By night, you were whoever you wanted to be: a sexy elven hero of legend, the seductive prince of the green woods, the cute christmas elf in candy-red lipstick, the vixen of warcraft, a level 20 epic elf with a high performance modifier (hot damn!). You weren’t sure what you expected to find: a best friend? a lover? a date for the upcoming Elven Cosplay Con? But you certainly did not expect to be found out!

touch_myelf chatroom is a light-hearted, hybrid larp for 6 players. The game begins as an online larp with everyone playing in separate locations (your hotel room, your car, the lobby, Starbucks, wherever). For the last scene, players will meet up in a hotel function space at the convention IN PERSON to enjoy the in game reveals and dance in person together. Players will be cast as one of the "online chat handles" and will receive a 5 page character sheet outlining their real life backstory, their online identity (if it differs), their particular elf special interest, their budding friendships/flirtations/rivalries with the other chat users, and screenshots of scandalous secrets they know. Start a romance, start a flame war, take online quizzes, and have your real life identity person! Note: this game is rated PG13 for obvious adult themes, puns, and jokes; however, it does not include graphicly explicit sexual descriptions nor is that the main focus of the plot, but instead a reason to wish to hide your true identity in an edgy chatroom setting!

**Most Frequent Users of the Chatroom:**

Online Alias: **MASTERSWORD** Tagline: *“I have 13 hearts and all my stamina capsules!”* Known “Facts”: Is a professional gambler, street fighter, and street racer. Rich! Recent Post: *“Snap, crackle, pop, baby!*

Online Alias: **n4ughtyORnic3** Tagline: *“Looking for an elf for my shelf!”* Known “Facts”: Is a broadway actor. Has starred in most everything! Also rich! GLITTER! Recent Post: *“Candy canes are soooooo yummy! Those Keebler elf cookie people are kinda cute!”*

Online Alias: **prince$$Arwen** Tagline: *“One fetish to rule them all, and in the darkness, bind them. Oh yes.”* Known “Facts”: Is a passionate poet and has their own line of designer coffees worldwide! Like weirdly most everyone else here, also super rich! Recent Post: *“Shall I bind myself to [your bedpost], forsaking the immortal life of my people?”*

Online Alias: **plus20toRockU** Tagline: *“I got a +2 Charisma elven racial bonus for being dat HOT!”* Known “Facts”: An “elf-employed” CEO of some “Neuro-Link” super-advanced and elite startup company. A brilliant philanthropist who is always throwing down elf puns, and is quite the flirt - has even called for people to “roll initiative” for flirt order! And it works. Recent Post: *“Don’t like my jokes? You only got your elf to blame!”*

Online Alias: **Ljósálfar** Tagline: *“I’m an elf!”* Known “Facts”: Really into mythology and is overly serious about this elf thing. Really into cosplay competitions, and vocally grumpy that they only get second place in the elf category. Unemployed. Recent Post: *“That’s incorrect. That is also. Well REAL elves would NEVER do that.”*

Online Alias: **quel'thalass!** Tagline: *“Looking for Group - if you know what I mean!”* Known “Facts”: Is a senior at Boston College. Brags about how much time they spend playing World of Warcraft instead of going to class, and is the Guild Leader that everyone flirts with. Charming nerd. Recent Post: *“Accio, joyfriends! Anyone want to be my house elf?”*

###Game Structure:

* This game begins as text over a discord. On the discord server, the main chatroom will be visible, where players are encouraged to chat as a group. Additionally, there is also the elf bracket results page, which will stream the results of a fantasy bracket. You will also see individual private message streams between you to each other chatroom user, to be used for private whispers. Backstory conversations from your character sheet are also screenshotted and posted there, in case you find need of those. Lastly, there is an out of character chat direct link between you and the GM only (to ask any questions that you may have of a GM)
* At “game start”, chatroom users are signing onto the chatroom for the first time this evening. Online run time will be approximately 90 minutes. Throughout the play time, a GM moderator will also drop an assortment of chatroom ADs, online quizzes, and other things. Players can interact with them and each other in character as they desire to. Ads are timed every 15 minutes to give players a time check as play progresses.
* At the end of the online game time, the players have prepared to “meet up” with the others in game, in person, at a convention. Players will then be invited to an in-person component of the game to join for a party where their true identities will be revealed!
* There are NPC roles available as convention goers at Elf Con, during the final in person portion of the game. NPCs are welcomed to show up dressed as any kind of elf, get a con badge with a punny elf nickname and their real names, and participate in the elf con social from 5:30-630; however, they are not player characters and will not be receiving character sheets.

Spelat på

Intercon U (2022)
Intercon U: Ultraviolet (2023)

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