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So Fine a Brush

System: LARP
Deltagare: 5-17 spelare

Arrangerat av

Black & Green Games


✏️Emily Care Boss


Jane Austen lived only 42 years, but her 6 novels left an indelible stamp on literature. This we know about her -- the daughter of a clergyman, her family of a gentle line fallen upon hard times, unlucky in love and close to her family. Born in the year of American Independence, she was a contemporary of William Blake, Sir Walter Scott and Lord Byron. And died just one year after Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin (later Mary Shelley) had the idea for her Modern Prometheus, Frankenstein.

Yet the pictures Jane painted on her "little bit of ivory" were of English country society in which she lived. She painted portraits of human frailty, aspirations and the bonds of society and economics. Her deft, compassionate, insight keeps her works vibrant and relevant.

In parallel with her works, we'll explore Jane's life and some more of the literary and political background of her world. We'll let her speak through the characters she created.

So Fine a Brush is a freeform-larp, a thematic sequel to Darkness Visible and The Dare. Exposure to Austen's work in popular culture is desirable, but not required. There will be light, optional dancing.

**About the System:** Play will take place in a sequence of scenes, with a Director providing guidance. Some scenes will be played out simultaneously (if you've played Garden of Forking Paths, it will be like that for part of the time.) Player roles may include the use of Meta-techniques and directorial power when not in a scene, with assistance from the GMs.

Jane's role will differ from the others. Each player will take the role of one primary romantic protagonist from the novels along with various characters from that novel and one or two from Jane Austen's life. All roles are cast gender neutral.

In the tradition of American Freeform and Jeepform. Inspired by Growing Up and the play Pride@Prejudice.

For players 18 years or older.

**Content Description:** religion, literature, grief, class issues, romance.

Spelat på

Intercon R (2018)



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