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Winter is Leaving

System: LARP
Deltagare: 0-19 spelare, Male characters: 0-10, Female characters: 0-9

Arrangerat av

New England NERO Chapters


✏️Sean Croutou
✏️Selena Harvey
✏️Stephen Tihor


The winter snows are melting and reveal a problem, challenges appropriate to heroes. Meanwhile, politics and plotting run apace. Is it safer in a cavern fighting a monster or in the tavern talking to your fellow adventurers? Come and find out.

A brief visit to the world of Tyrra, sponsored by the New England NERO chapters -- to show folks where we are today -- High Fantasy Medieval flavor, modern costuming, and roleplaying plots melded with boffer combat.

We plan to have one major set of political plot lines running through the game similar to the issues at hand at Wintermeet, and a separate but related series of short adventure scenarios running in parallel in an adjoining space for those interested in taking a more direct hand or trying things out with boffer combat, puzzles, traps, and spells.

Players may sign up to be entirely political, mostly melee and traps, or a mix of the two.

By player choice, game play may fall entirely in negotiation and trading off larger and small plot issues, or primarily in engaging the tactical scenarios with high levels of combat and traps and puzzles while facing skilled opponents.

Live action combat is a part of the game. While strong efforts are made to provide options for those with medical, mobility, and sensory challenges, not all aspects of the NERO play experience is available or suitable for everyone. Please contact the GMs if you wish to explore which play options are suitable.

The GMs and players of this LARP request all players make some attempt at "fantasy garb" or basic blacks at minimum, staff can provide some loaner garb for a few players upon request.

Casting questionnaire will ask about makeup and costuming choices, as it may influence some aspects of how a given role is written. **Our casting questionnaire can be found at [](**

NERO tries to create an immersive experience as a character in classic fantasy literature with strong agency within the context and tropes of the world. The game world includes elements of the Middle Ages, such as class hierarchies, and prejudices, including a cultural group which claims racial superiority and values purity, two cultural groups which assign females a higher social status purely based on gender, and villains who believe in slavery. NERO depicts magic and spells as well as creatures from other planes of existence and has its own mythology for the afterlife (there is intentionally no religion depicted in the game world.) Prewritten characters may be inspired by such elements and any character, player written or staff written, must be make sense within such an environment.

**Our Event page can be found at [The NERO Hartford web site](**

and our general background can be read at [Welcome to Kaurath (Wintermeet Edition)](

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Intercon Q (2017)

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