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Group Date

Deltagare: 3-9 spelare


✏️Sara Williamson


(Live Action Role Play)

Group Date is a game about disparate (and, at times, discordant) personalities looking for love. A quick personality quiz sorts the players into teams, who then play out a series of three short dates--with a twist. Group Date is meant to be a quick, accessible and lighthearted freeform larp.

Tags: Comedy, Dating, Everyday life, Relationships

Congratulations! It’s a Match! In Group Date, you will play two people going on their first three dates after being matched with one another on a popular dating website. You don’t know too much about each other yet, but the algorithm says you’re 98% compatible! What could go wrong? A winner from the [Golden Cobra Challenge]( contest. 3-9 players.

Spelat på

Golden Cobra Challenge (2014)
Intercon O (2015)


Golden Cobra Challenge (2014)

Vinnare, Most Convention Ready
Sara Williamson's game is a pleasure to behold. Cleanly written and expertly organized, with thoughtful incorporation of best practices, it's the whole package when it comes to game design done right. The game itself is a hilarious romp of mismatched personalities trying to find love—as organized teams! We won't spoil it for you, but this one game you don't want to miss out on playing.

Ever want to play a game that is a cross between a Charlie Kaufman film and a Virginia Woolf novel, via the muppets? Group Date may just take you there. Sara gives us a great mixer game, that looks to be as perfect an ice breaker as it is an advanced class in personal reflection and relationship analysis. All with a light hand, a sense of humor and clear rules for keeping yourself and each other comfortable and safe.

Group Date appears to have burst forth from its author's brain fully-formed. Incorporating best practices from the Nordic and American larp/freeform communities, it firmly-but-politely guides new players into the activity of emotionally-heavy role-playing. Many dating RPGs were submitted to the Golden Cobra contest, but this is the one that I'd run for both my students and my grandmother in the same session. (Actually, maybe that'd be kinda weird.)

Group Date takes a very familiar live action conceit - the dating larp - and hones it to a razor sharp edge of fun. Sara Williamson's well-written and carefully organized game is instantly accessible, easy to implement and iterate, and promises total n00bs a good time.


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