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Better Living Through Robotics

Omslag till Better Living Through Robotics

System: LARP
Deltagare: 10 spelare

Arrangerat av

Peaky Midwest


✏️Keith A Darron
✏️Elizabeth Fein
✏️Jaime Frey
✏️Eva Schiffer
✏️Kathleen De Smet

Intercon O (2015), USA

ArrangörEva Schiffer
ArrangörKathleen De Smet

Intercon P (2016), USA

ArrangörEva Schiffer
ArrangörKathleen De Smet

Intercon S: Smoke and Mirrors (2019), Crowne Plaza in Warwick, Rhode Island, USA

ArrangörEva Schiffer
ArrangörKathleen De Smet

Mythic Consequences (2019), Naish Holiday Village, Christchurch, Dorset, Storbritannien

ArrangörRay Hodson
ArrangörSue Lee
ArrangörDavid Townsend


In the BioDome, the last known outpost of human civilization, life is as beautiful and technologically advanced as we always pictured it would be: flying cars, automated kitchens, and of course, personal robot assistants. Robots, so helpful and affordable these days, allow humans the life of ease that they deserve. They can take care of everything from household chores and administrative assistance to childcare, even overseeing other robots. And, despite all of them having individual personalities, they are completely trustworthy because every one of them is programmed to obey the Four Laws above all else:

Law 1: Robots may not injure a human or, through inaction, allow a human to be harmed. Law 2: Robots must obey the orders given to them by human beings, except when this conflicts with the First Law. Law 3: Robots must protect their own existence, as long as such protection does not conflict with the first or second laws. Law 4: Robots may not leave the BioDome, unless failing to leave the BioDome conflicts with the first three laws.

These everyday wonders are all thanks to the benevolent corporation Solar Energies! Solar Energies runs the BioDome that makes our lives possible and produces the new technologies that make our lives a joy. Its founder and CEO is the genius who harnessed solar power even after the Catastrophe blackened the skies. Now she has called a family board meeting so that she might decide who among her children will succeed her as CEO. They have come, with their loyal robot assistants in tow and a multitude of secrets to hide.

A mechanics-light, theater-style LARP for 10 players that focuses on roleplaying and interpersonal drama. Like all utopias, it is not as sweet and light as it seems. Triggers include consensual incest, sex with robots, and violent temper. This game is for players age 16 and older.

Spelat på

Intercon O (2015)
Intercon P (2016)
Be-Con (2018)
Intercon S: Smoke and Mirrors (2019)
Mythic Consequences (2019)


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