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I Wouldn't be in your (Gum)shoes

System: LARP
Deltagare: 10-12 spelare

Arrangerat av

Peaky Games


✏️Heidi Kaye
✏️Alli Mawhinney
✏️Cathriona Tobin
✏️Traci Whitehead
✏️Sue Lee (Noir Playset)
✏️Mo Holkar (Original concept)


Are you prepared to give me 3 hours of your life to try creating a character from nothing in a collaborative fashion, evolving all the characters with your fellow players and unfolding your memories and experiences through a workshop creation process taking most of the game time? Finding resolution in short vignettes using Nordic meta techniques, flashbacks, flashforwards, black boxes, whatever you fancy?

Three Hours you say? You could watch all of Casablanca and half the Maltese Falcon in that time! Well here's to plain speaking and clear understanding, put any scepticism to one side and give it a try. It could change the way you think of character creation forever!

Inspired by collaborative tabletop games, and brainstormed character creation methods. you might want to label it as Jeepform but that could be a bit of a leap of faith. You probably should consider this as a workshop with a bit of game play thrown on the end. In a Noir setting, with every stereotype I can squeeze in.

Consider it an experience. Give me 3 hours of your life and if you really hate it, I'll buy you a cup of coffee or a drink and you can tell me all about it.

Note - under 18s please drop me an email to discuss signing up.

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Intercon N (2014)

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