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... and the Electric Labyrinth

System: LARP
Deltagare: 4-12 spelare, Male characters: 1-3, Female characters: 1-3, Characters that are not strictly defined as male or female: 2-6

Arrangerat av

Straightjackets Optional


✏️Elizabeth Bartley
✏️Joshua Kronengold
✏️Lisa Padol
✏️Stephen Tihor


Ever wanted to be in a Heterodyne Boys or Trelawney Thorp story from the world of Girl Genius?

Join Straightjackets Optional for a game of exploration, adventure, and fast-paced action in a world of twisted mad science gone horribly right.

Two teams of adventurers have arrived simultaneously at the wilderness capital of the Old Empire--in search of fabled treasures. Attempting to deal with them are the native villagers--with their own agendas.

Mad Scientists, Strong-jawed heroes, femme fatales who can outhink Tesla, ruthless industrialists, and reckless adventurers meet canny native guides and invincible warriors in a game with politics, posturing, and pulp-style action. Oh, and an electric labyrinth.

Spelat på

Intercon L (2012)
Intercon M (2013)
Intercon P (2016)

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