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Mystery at Hart Manor

System: LARP
Deltagare: 10-11 spelare, Male characters: 5, Female characters: 5-6

Arrangerat av

Foam Brain Productions


✏️Stephen Kohler


In the deep woods of Massachusetts there sits a mansion at the end of a long and lonely road. This mansion resting atop cliffs overlooking the deep Atlantic Ocean belongs to the world famous philanthropist James Hart, this sociable man loved by all had a bright future ahead of him.

Unfortunately, one week ago, the famous philanthropist was found in his study with his throat slit. This dark and stormy night the friends of Mr. Hart have gathered at his manor for the will reading. Just who are these friends that have gathered together in this place? The kindly and loyal maid of the house, the retired war veteran, the eccentric absent minded professor, the seductive woman in the red dress, the wild eyed sister of the deceased, and the man who has called them all here Didit Jenkins.

Of course, everyone is perfectly safe…despite the fact that the murderer has yet to be found...

But wait who is this? A knock on the door... Someone has come calling to Hart Manor...

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Intercon H (2008)

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