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Boorworms Academy of Magic: Homecoming Weekend

System: LARP
Deltagare: 0-22 spelare, Male characters: 0-10, Female characters: 0-12

Arrangerat av

Dragon Lady Media, LLC


✏️Cheryl Ann Costa
✏️Linda Miller Poore


Step inside J.K. Rowling's fantastic world of Wizards and Muggles to portray the elite of North America's magical community as they gather for the annual Homecoming weekend at Boorworms Academy, School of Magic. Two years have passed since it was revealed that the new Chairman of the Board was a Goblin, and that they and the dark magic community have had a secret, sinister role in Boorworm's functioning and governance. The Headmistress was able to avoid facing irate alumnae and parents by canceling last year's event due to "construction," but she can't stall any longer. With the school's accreditation pulled, goblins clamoring to get in, pure-bloods clamoring to get out, feminists' railing against the newly elected male Homecoming Queen, strange faculty returning from sabbatical walk-abouts…it's going to be an interesting party!

(note: there will be an hour break for lunch)

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Intercon H (2008)

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