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Mega Man: Apocalypse

System: LARP
Deltagare: 12-16 spelare


✏️Beth Baniszewski
✏️Chris Walsh


This morning, dozens of distinguished scientists, robots, and world leaders gathered in Tokyo for the 5th Annual Robot Design Competition and World Peace Conference. RoboDeCo PeaceCon 5 promised to be the best one yet, vowing to break the unlucky streak of being completely obliterated each year by Dr. Wily and his rampaging robot armies.

In the evening, the attendees had gathered for the Robot Dance Contest and were awaiting the final match between Roll and Freeze Man when the loudspeakers in the main auditorium crackled with an urgent message from Mars Base.

“Alien fleet - \*static\* - asteroid belt!” came a desperate voice. “Our robots are - \*static\* - aliens headed for Earth!”

The transmission was cut off and the attendees erupted in panicked shouting. The announcer was in the process of calming everyone down when another transmission arrived – from outer space. A shrill, piercing tone filled the chamber. The assembled robots clutched their heads in pain, then rose, zombie-like, and began firing their weapons at everything in sight. A few robots seemed unaffected by the transmission, and managed to blast their way out of the main hall, escorting as many human attendees as they could.

You, the lucky survivors, have just made it to the fortified control room of the conference center. Working with incomplete information, Dr. Light isn’t sure when the aliens will be arriving at Earth. It could take weeks, it could take … just under four hours.

* * *

Mega Man: Apocalypse tells the story of a handful of humans, Robot Masters, heroes, and outcasts, forced together in desperate circumstances. A quick glance around the room, though, suggests that these refugees may not be able to put aside their rivalries long enough to save their own skins, let alone the entire world.

This game is based on Capcom's Mega Man series of games, but no prior knowledge of the series is expected or required.

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Intercon E (2005)

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