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V for Victory

System: LARP
Deltagare: 27-38 spelare, Male characters: 14-21, Female characters: 13-17

Arrangerat av

Awry Wit Productions


✏️Ben Llewellyn

Intercon D (2004), Chelmsford, Massachusetts, USA

ArrangörArnis Kletnieks
ArrangörBen Llewellyn
ArrangörRebecca Schoenberg


All through WWII, the town prayed for her children to come home. Most of the prayers were answered, Hitler was defeated, and the celebration began. It's never quite that simple, though. There are compromises. Actions taken in haste. Poor judgment that only shames us, once the emotions have lifted. But there's no time for that. Tonight is the victory dance, when we celebrate those who fought with courage and honor, and the ones who supported them.

In times of war, we all do things we'll regret later.

Welcome to later.

"V for Victory!" The words were shouted a million times, and everyone prayed for their boys to come back safely. This is the story of a town where the prayers were answered with a resounding Yes. Now comes the Victory Sock Hop in the school gymnasium, where the celebrations come together. But a lot has happened in a few years. In times of war, we all do things we'll regret later. Welcome to later.

As a special feature, the V for Victory time slot will begin with a brief dance class taught by David Shera on Swing and Foxtrot.

Spelat på

Intercon XIII (1998)
Intercon D (2004)

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