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You'll Be Safe Here

System: LARP
Deltagare: 10-13 spelare


✏️Jacqui Antonelli
✏️Jenny Diewald
✏️Susan Giusto
✏️Tim Lasko
✏️Barry Tannenbaum

Intercon C (2003), Chelmsford, Massachusetts, USA

ArrangörJenny Diewald


The danger was imminent, a threat you could not possibly handle. There was shouting, confusion or danger. A familiar, friendly voice told you, "You'll be safe here." And there was a doorway, a space, a crevice that led away from the trouble. You went through it, then, you don't know how, you ended up in this place. You're not sure where this place is. It is not at all what you expected. And there are several others here who look just as confused as you...

TNT Productions presents You'll Be Safe Here, a dramatic study for twelve unrelated characters, who think they've reached sanctuary. Instead, they've found themselves together in a place completely outside of their expectations. Their original companions are still in danger and will need their help. Will they be able to work together to find their way back?

Are they really safe here? And... just where are they?

For more details, see the game website.

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Intercon C (2003)


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