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System: LARP


Bruk i Baljan invites you to a steampunk larp, set in a near-historical version of 1860´s America. It is in the midst of the great clash between north and south, in the blending of immigrants, Americans and indians. This larp will take place in the town of Clockbottom, a small mining settlement located in the Confederate states. The mines are run by the ruthless Cloch mining & trading company. Here, Scandinavian and Irish immigrants work in mines and on toxic gas fields, under constant surveillance from the company timekeepers.

With the arrival of a strong Union force, the town is set in turmoil. Everyone must find their places in the new hierarchies that are formed. All becomes a question of wittiness, class and allegiance, in a game at high stakes. With it comes enquiries about the history of this town, questions no-one has wanted to ask in a long time. What was Dr Wynn’s research about? How has the conflict with the Cherokee come to be? Who was reverend Smith?

Clockbottom is a dark story of who we are; of dreams, beliefs, social constructions, alienation and secrets. A web of mysteries taking inspiration from works like those of Poe and Lovecraft, with one streak of Swift and Dickens, and another of Jules Verne.

Speltillfällen 🗺️

11. - 14. september 2014🗺️Berghem Småland, Skillingaryd, Sverige

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