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Omslag till Daemon

System: LARP
Deltagare: 28-30 spelare

Arrangerat av

KALK?, Journeys & Tales


✏️Katrine Wind
ArrangörKatrine Wind

2023, Austin, Texas, USA

ArrangörChristian Møller Christensen (US run)
ArrangörMeredith Christensen (US run)

2023, The Sheriff House and River Bure, Norwich, Storbritannien

ArrangörHarry Harrold

2023, Chateau de Dalhem, Dalhem, Belgien

ArrangörSandy Bailly


The Authority – this world’s God – is dead. Killed by bold and visionary people. It has been a few months since the war on The Authority ended, and the world has sunk into a collective state of disillusionment. Imagine the divine entity that was as natural a part of your life as breathing the air around you – gone.

Some of you helped bring him down; a frail, pathetic being holding humanity in his grasp with false teachings and zealots doing his bidding. The Magisterium, the harsh church of The Authority, is no longer and you have been forced (more or less willingly) to question all its teachings.

Because of the state of the world, you have all been invited this weekend by the head experimental theologist in Brytain (this World’s Great Britain) to a grand estate.

Here you, together with others, will celebrate the victory of science and free will, as well as conduct scientific experiments with regards to Daemons.

You have accepted the invitation for different reasons.

Some of you seek conciliation.
Some come to seek answers.
And some come to start a new world.

Speltillfällen 🗺️

13. - 15. juli 2021🗺️Kulhusekolonien, Jægerspris, Danmark
16. - 18. juli 2021🗺️Kulhusekolonien, Jægerspris, Danmark
20. - 22. maj 2022🗺️Broholm Slot, Gudme, Danmark
4. - 6. november 2022🗺️Broholm Slot, Gudme, Danmark
31. mars - 1. april 2023🗺️Austin, Texas, USA
7. - 8. april 2023🗺️Austin, Texas, USA
5. - 7. maj 2023🗺️The Sheriff House and River Bure, Norwich, Storbritannien
27. - 29. maj 2023🗺️Chateau de Dalhem, Dalhem, Belgien
20. - 22. oktober 2023🗺️Casona de la Paca, Cudillero, Spanien
3. - 5. november 2023🗺️Broholm Slot, Gudme, Danmark
24. - 26. november 2023🗺️Broholm Slot, Gudme, Danmark
24. - 26. januari 2025🗺️Axelhus, Hesselager, Danmark


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