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The Batcave

System: LARP
Deltagare: 2-6 spelare, recommended: 3-5


✏️Gerrit Reininghaus

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PDF Scenario [engelska] (0,6 MB)


In this game we play a family of bats looking for a new cave. We will move and make noises as if we were bats. We will be able to speak normally, though it is recommended to respond as much as possibly with bat-conform gestures and noises. To intensify the feel that we are bats, we turn our camera view upside down. That way we appear as if we are hanging from the ceiling.

Styles of Play: Freeform larp, Streaming/Online Face to Face, Performance (ie song, lipsynch, dance etc.)

A 1.5h long lighthearted game for 2 to 5 players where you play a family of bats finding a new home. The game uses a Zoom feature that makes it super easy to turn your video upside-down - so you appear like hanging from the ceiling.

Tags: LAOG, bats, family, fun

Spelat på

Golden Cobra Challenge (2020)


Golden Cobra Challenge (2020)

Nominerad, Judges' Choice Honorable Mentions
The Batcave uses one of the lesser known features of Zoom (the ability flip your camera in the Windows Desktop version) and uses it to encourage a wonderfully fun exploration of bats finding a new home. We think this is a really fun way to leverage digital play - though, admittedly in a fairly restricted platform. We can only hope our digital communication providers see the global need for us to all indulge our bat-ish urges and implement this feature globally so we can all play together soon.


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