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Toast to the War

System: LARP


✏️Maija Korhonen
✏️Hilda Levin
✏️Leïla Teteau-Surel


It's been one year since the end of the war. And today is the day for celebration and memories. Everybody is happy with the war and its outcome. Or at least that's what you all say, making toasts to the war with the others, while deep inside, you're keeping your sorrow and your hate.

Toast to the war is a roleplay for 11 players about strict social regulation of certain expressions of emotions. It takes place in a post war setting, were the price of winning was so high, that it has now become tabou to talk negatively about the war and the losses made. This larp plays out in a small village, one year after the war ended, where the families meet to give memorial to those they lost in the war. Everyone present at this memorial has lost someone close to them. This loss will for some characters get too heavy, which will make them break the set social rules.

If you want to feel the burden of social pressure and the fear of punishment, if you want to, litterally, throw your pain on the floor or make a toast for forgiveness - this is a game for you.

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Grenselandet (2013)

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