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Blackbox Cph (2023)

Blackbox Cph

Plats: Valby Bibliotek og Kulturhus, Danmark
Datum: 19. - 22. januari 2023

Del av: Blackbox Cph

Om konventet:

Welcome to Blackbox Cph 2023, the annual festival for blackbox larps in Copenhagen. The festival runs for three days in Valby Culture house with three stages and a lounge as the frame for a fantastic weekend full of play, partying and amazing experiences.
What can I play at Blackbox Cph?
At Blackbox Cph we focus on premiere larps. All the larps are 3-4 hours long including a small workshop, where you will get all the preparation you need.
How do I sign up?
The programme for Blackbox Cph will be ready during the fall, ticket sales will open shortly after.
What is blackbox larp?
Larp is originally an acronym for Live Action Role Playing. It refers to a type of interactive storytelling in which the players act as characters within the set fiction. Larp can generally be described as theater without an audience or script. Blackbox larps are more heavily inspired by theatre. Either because they use technical equipment as a part of the design, have a simplistic aesthetic as seen on stage, draw on the non-verbal language of dance or tries to incorporate an audience. All in all blackbox is a quite experimental genre of larp.
Who can participate?
Our participants are a beautiful mix of curious newcomers, seasoned Danish players and an international crowd with a lot of artists. All of you are welcome. The main language of the festival is English.
Will there be an audience?
Some larps can have audience. All the participants are equal part main characters, support and spectators at the same time.
Is there something I should do before the larp?
You should always arrive for you larp at least fifteen minutes before, so we can find a stand in if you don’t show up. As a player, bring a pair of black socks, black pants, and a black t-shirt to blend in to the blackbox unless the larp description says otherwise.
Can I hang out?
During the whole festival you can visit our lounge. You can hang out and chat in the cozy atmosphere, and drinks can be bought in the bar.
Can I buy food?
There are a few places around the area, where you can get food. Make sure to have eaten before your larp, or bring a sandwich for the short break.
Blackbox Cph is organized by Gnist in cooperation with Valby Culture house.

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