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PapJam Scratch (2020)

PapJam Scratch

Plats: Kulturhuset Indre By, København, Danmark
Datum: 23. - 25. oktober 2020

Del av: PapJam

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Om konventet:

Come and join PapJam Scratch

A weekend of board game design in the heart of Copenhagen
PapJam Scratch is all about making a board game in 3 days from … scratch.

We will supply the location in the heart of Copenhagen, a heap of cardboard, bits and pieces and even a place to sleep, if you need one. You can bring an idea, a team or even nothing but your own good company.

There will be talks, there will be prizes and everything will be in English or bi-lingual.

What is a game jam you might ask!

Well, a game jam is a bunch of people getting together and creating games. And with board games (unlike video games), that means you don't need to know anything other than how to play a board game.

The event is for everyone, from veteran board game designers to all those who love board games and have always wanted to try making one of their own.

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PDF Program [engelska] (0,7 MB)


Arrangør Jacob Engelbrecht-Gollander
Arrangør Jens Griebel
Arrangør Lasse Kiilerich
Arrangør Otto Plantener Jensen


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