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Playground Magazine

Issue #2 - May 2011


PDF Playground Magazine issue 2 [Englisch] (16,5 MB)


Editor-in-chief Matthijs Holter
Editor Sanne Harder
Editor Anders Nygaard
Editor Morten Greis Petersen Fakkelskov
Editor Juhana Pettersson
Editor Jonas Trier
Editor Even Tømte
Editor Konstantin Vetlugin
Art Direction & Design Karina Graj
Art Direction & Design Thomas Sørlie Hansen
Art Direction & Design Li Xin
Front cover image Lars Munck
Organization & Support Erland Bruer
Organization & Support Petter Karlsson
Organization & Support Martin Nielsen
Organization & Support Erlend Eidsem Hansen
Print Flisa Trykkeri


Seite 2 Editorial Challenge
He rants and raves.
Matthijs Holter Text
Seite 3 Things
Stuff you should know about.
Ole Peder Giæver Text
The Walkabout Project Photos
Radovanvlk Photo
Seite 4 Sex moves of Apocalypse World
Get laid, gain a dice roll bonus.
Matthijs Holter Text
Seite 8 The Con Man
Scamming the scammers.
Jonas Trier Text
Seite 16 Why characters?
Keep on deconstructin’ in the free world.
Tova Gerge Text
Karina Graj Illustrator
Seite 20 Things
Snippets from the lives of the sexy and glamorous.
Ole Peder Giæver Text
Seite 22 From Russia with smooth, smooth love
Would you fuck a pencil sharpener?
Hanne Grasmo Text
June Witzøe Photo
Seite 28 Taking care
What roleplayers should learn from BDSM.
Hanne Grasmo Text
Seite 30 De-fucking
Because roleplaying is fucking dangerous.
Tobias Demediuk Bindslet Text
Pernille Puck Lykke Schultz Text
Seite 34 Post-it monsters
Doodling gone out of hand.
John Kenn Artist
Seite 36 Sex, pain and roleplaying
The common ground between the sickos and the geeks
Sanne Harder Text
Lars Winther Schmidt Pictures
Seite 44 Things
News you don’t hear anywhere else
Ole Peder Giæver Text
Seite 45 Culture clash
If you need a reason to fight orcs.
Nathan Hook Text
Thomas Sørlie Hansen Illustrator
Seite 48 The passion of St. Petersburg
Shakespeare and neo-punk in Manchester, Russia.
Konstantin Vetlugin Text
Lisey Photos
Seite 52 The love of the dance
It takes two to tango.
Mikkel Bækgaard Text
Peter Munthe-Kaas Photos
Seite 54 Things
The buzz, brought to you by Playground.
Ole Peder Giæver Text
Seite 56 Playing with yourself
Go on, it’s OK. The joy of playing solo.
Matthijs Holter Text
Seite 59 Map of house
This is a short game to be played by yourself. It can be intense, if you give it that power. It's best to allow for some introspection afterwards, perhaps you could find somewhere nice to take a walk.
Jackson Tegu Author
Seite 60 Outside the comfort zone
Not here. We’re a magazine for the well-behaved kids.
J. Tuomas Harviainen Text
Juhana Pettersson Photos

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