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Just a Little Lovin'

Vorderseite für Just a Little Lovin'

(Alias: JaLL)

System: LARP
Teilnehmer: 55-65 Spieler


✏️Tor Kjetil Edland
✏️Hanne Grasmo

2013, Arresøcentret, Frederiksværk, Dänemark

OrgaAnna Emilie Groth
OrgaFlemming H. Jacobsen
OrgaPetter Karlsson
OrgaMorgan March
OrgaHelene Willer Piironen

2015, Lejrcenter Birkedal, Tølløse, Dänemark

OrgaAnna Emilie Groth
OrgaFlemming H. Jacobsen
OrgaPetter Karlsson
OrgaHelene Willer Piironen

2016, Frankreich

OrgaStéphanie Ailloud
OrgaTor Kjetil Edland
OrgaHanne Grasmo
OrgaPascal Meunier
OrgaStéphane Rigoni
OrgaJoaquim Wilquin
OrgaBaptiste Cazes (Producer)
OrgaLeïla Teteau-Sourel (Producer)
ÜbersetzerInStéphanie Ailloud
ÜbersetzerInFrédérique Boursicot
ÜbersetzerInBruno Cailloux
ÜbersetzerInHortense Oudot
ÜbersetzerInStéphane Rigoni
ÜbersetzerInLeïla Teteau-Sourel
ÜbersetzerInJoaquim Wilquin

2017, Minnesota, Vereinigte Staaten

✏️Sarah Lynne Bowman (Re-writing)
✏️Laura Boylan (Re-writing)
✏️Tor Kjetil Edland (Re-writing)
✏️Hanne Grasmo (Re-writing)
✏️Kat Jones (Re-writing)
✏️Heather Silsbee (Re-writing)
✏️Moyra Turkington (Re-writing)
OrgaTor Kjetil Edland
OrgaHanne Grasmo
OrgaFredrik Hatlestrand (On-site organizer)
OrgaJon Cole (Producer)
OrgaKat Jones (Producer)
OrgaHeather Silsbee (Producer)
OrgaEvan Torner (Producer)
👍Laura Boylan

2018, Finnland

✏️Anna Emilie Groth (Additional organizer characters)
OrgaTonja Goldblatt
OrgaJoonas Iivonen
OrgaSuvi Korhonen
OrgaEssi Kuukka
OrgaJamie MacDonald
OrgaPauliina Männistö
OrgaEssi Santala
OrgaTor Kjetil Edland (Co-organizer and workshop facilitator)
OrgaAnna Emilie Groth (Co-organizer and workshop facilitator)
OrgaPetter Karlsson (Co-organizer and workshop facilitator)
OrgaHelene Willer Piironen (Co-organizer and workshop facilitator)

2019, Ingestre Hall, Staffordshire, Vereinigtes Königreich

OrgaMo Holkar
OrgaWill Osmond
OrgaDavid Owen
OrgaKarolina Soltys
OrgaCraig Wakeford
OrgaLaura Wood
OrgaTor Kjetil Edland (Co-organizer and workshop facilitator)
OrgaHanne Grasmo (Co-organizer and workshop facilitator)
OrgaPetter Karlsson (Co-organizer and workshop facilitator)
OrgaJonaya Kemper (Co-organizer and workshop facilitator)
OrgaBenjamin Palmer (Co-organizer and workshop facilitator)
OrgaLaurie Innes (Scenography)
OrgaSille Storihle (Scenography)


PDF Szenario [Englisch] (28,7 MB)


A larp about friendship, desire and the fear of death

Two group of friends from New York City celebrate the 4th of July in upstate New York. The 1970s have been a decade of women’s liberation, youth rebellion, anti-war protests and sexual promiscuity. This changed America forever, but the early 1980s is also a time of a resurging conservative movement which President Ronald Reagan is the sunny face of. Gay men are migrating to New York to become part of the vibrant and hedonistic scene in Greenwitch Village. Unbeknownst to everyone however the HIV virus has started spreading in the city. An article in the New York Times last summer described a mysterious “gay cancer”, but it’s cause remains still unknown.

During the larp we play three 4th of July partys of 1982, 1983 and 1984. Every morning after breakfast there is an act break where we find out what has happened with the characters and their relationships the following year before the next act starts one year later. When the game starts neither the players nor the characters know who will become infected by the virus, but the lives of all the characters will be deeply effected by the epidemic. Our goal for the game is that all the characters will have friendships that are important to them, experience a little bit of lovin’ at the summer parties and feel the fear of death as people around them start to become infected.

Abwicklungen 🗺️

10. - 13. Juli 2011Oslo, Norwegen
5. - 10. August 2013Arresøcentret, Frederiksværk, Dänemark
21. - 26. Juni 2015🗺️Lejrcenter Birkedal, Tølløse, Dänemark
2017Minnesota, Vereinigte Staaten
30. Juli - 8. April 2019🗺️Ingestre Hall, Staffordshire, Vereinigtes Königreich

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