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James Bond 007

James Bond 007

James Bond 007 RPG is set in the world of the James Bond books and movies. The characters take the role of secret agents, either James Bond himself or his allies, other agents of MI6, the British Secret Intelligence Service, or allied agencies (usually the American CIA), and thwart plots of world domination from foreign dictators, megalomaniacal mad scientists, and arch-criminals.

Unlike many role-playing games, where the player characters are, or at least start, relatively unimportant to the universe, and much less powerful than the non-player characters, the James Bond setting is much more centered on the player characters. The PCs are usually more competent than the NPCs, better outfitted with gadgets (from Q branch), have more Hero Points (see System, below) to perform cinematic feats, and in general have a lot of influence on their surroundings.


From Norway with love MittCon (1992)
Ice, Ice, Baby! UppCon '94 (1994)
James Bond (ARCON 9) Herman Ellingsen
ARCON 9: Warhammer Space Marines (1993)
James Bond (DalCon 1992) DalCon I - Desperate huc intrantes (1992)
James Bond (GothCon 1987) GothCon XI (1987)
James Bond (Hexcon 1996) Hexcon (1996)
James Bond (MittCon 1991) MittCon (1991)
James Bond (WettCon 1988) WettCon IV (1988)
James Bond (ÖrnCon 1991) Daniele Gulino
Kristian Järvelä
Örncon (1991)
James Bond 007 (GothCon 1990) GothCon XIV (1990)
💾 Kodnamn Ikaros GothCon XIX (1995)
💾 Kodnamn: Hildebrandt Anders Andersson
Mattias Elfström
GothCon XXI (1997)
💾 Nu och För alltid Johan Svanborg
SnöKon (2007)
💾 Operation Medusa Anders Andersson
Mattias Elfström
GothCon XVIII (1994)
💾 Operation Olympos GothCon XX (1996)
💾 Operation: Amber Eagle Mårten Forsmark
SävCon XX (2021)
💾 Operation: Quantum Anders Andersson
Mattias Elfström
GothCon XXII (1998)
Orientexpressen Mattias Elfström
GothCon XIII (1989)

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